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The wire is thin enough to fit through the corner of most windows and still allows the window to close properly.

The kits are hand made to order and are usually posted within a few days.

Sleeping kit with one ankle strap


Sleeping kit with two ankle straps


Fitting and using instructions

The copper plate on the strap goes next to your skin, I find it most comfortable just above the inside ankle, it is shaped the way it is to ensure contact thorough out the night without having to tighten the strap too tight, please strap on lightly so you do not restrict blood flow. I recommend you feed the wire in from the bottom of the bed this will prevent any tangeling.

Pass the wire through the window at the corner and close carefully.

 The wire can hang loose from the window to the ground but where possible secure the cable outside of the house by wrapping around the drain pipe of use clips.

Hammer the steak in as far as you can leaving the wire an inch or two above the ground, put something over or near it to prevent people tripping.

The healing from grounding is surprisingly profound and many people on medication find they need less or none, PLEASE CONSULT YOUR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE ADJUSTING YOUR MEDICATION.