We are situated in the middle of the majestic preselli hills, West Wales, home of the healing bluestone and many ancient sacred sites.

There will be free time every afternoon for you to get out and explore the natural beauty of this land, on your own or in a group.

Pentre isaf  10 mil  

Gors fawr   2 miles

 Carn ingli   12 miles

 Foel drygarn   5 miles

We are centrally located to most towns in West Wales if you feel the urge to go some shopping.

Narbeth  9 miles 20 mins

Cardigan  15 miles  30 mins

Crymych   7 miles   15 mins

Haverfordwest   14 miles   30 mins

Carmarthen   28 miles   40 mins

We are also surrounded by a beautiful coastline with a well signposted coastal path leading to many secluded bays or vast long sandy beaches for walking.

Poppit sands    35 mins

Newport beach     30 mins

Cwm yr egwlys       35 mins

Porth gwaloed        35mins

Mwnt       40 mins

Tenby     35 mins


The property is on the outskirts of Llangolman in a very quiet location. There are two cottages, one of which will be used to host the retreat


The other cottage is occupied by the owner and there is a division between the two properties for privacy. Myself, Leafe and our daughter live between the yurt and a converted van in the garden.

The workshop space (The Temple) is a beautiful wooden building in the shape of a octagon, Leafe and Jon (owner) built this in 2017. We have hosted many inspiring workshops in this space, it is always kept sacred.

The garden is completely secluded with a few different spaces to relax and enjoy the sunshine. It also has its very own mini bluestone stone circle and some beautiful camping spots.

It is very peaceful here.

If you have young children and wish to come as a family, with one of you retreating and the other parenting, we could possibly accommodate this too.

Double room   £20     £30 double occupancy

Lounge  has 2 sofa beds         £15 each

Bell tent 4m fully set up 2 sharing    £10 each ( includes beds and wood burner if needed)

Bring your own campervan or tent at £5 each

Prices are per night.

Everyone will have access to the cottage kitchen and bathroom.

There is also another shower room and a compost toilet in the garden

We also have a zoki infrared sauna on site which has many healing benefits and is £6 an hour max 3 people ( making it just £2 per person), the sauna  has the best quality ceramic plates and is also fitted with a near infared light.


I am an embodiment coach and facilitator with an open heart, here to passionately share movement therapy and energy connection to; release internal blockages, reach your highest potential and embrace your unique identity in this physical world.

I teach traditional Hatha Yoga; combining strengthening poses with relaxation to assist with stress relief, emotional balance and overall well-being. Reconnect your mind and body with your breath to stay grounded in the present moment. By giving yourself the time to relax into your being, you allow space to reflect, to let go of all that no longer serves you to become the best version of yourself.

Each morning we will welcome the rising sun with a rejuvenating session to activate the energy centres in the body. The session will begin with traditional sun salutations to warm up the muscles, followed by a structured sequence of asanas (poses). Each pose will be guided with articulated instruction and demonstration, to help you to deepen your awareness of your own mind-body connection.

After the morning yoga session we will have a silent cleansing herbal tea break followed by the Pranayama session. During the pranayama sessions you will be guided through a series of breathing exercises to release emotional tensions, detoxify the body and broaden the quality of the breath.  

There will be free time every afternoon, allowing space to explore the land or relax and journal. After returning from the break there will be an afternoon yoga class where we will hold the poses for an extended period of time to help with the emotional release. Followed by a sharing circle to provide a safe place to connect and check in.  

In the evenings there will be a session of either; guided meditation, dynamic meditation, yoga nidra and/or ecstatic dance. Like most babies, I was dancing before I could walk, my parents said that as a child I was always the last one on the dance floor! I adore facilitating Ecstatic Chakra Dance events, where I hold space for your bodies to move freely as you playfully explore the elemental properties relating to each of the main chakras (the energy centres). I lovingly select an eclectic combination of world music, from tribal to instrumental, sweet vocals to binaural beats and deep house. Conscious dancing can be very insightful, an opportunity to obtain creative revelations or let go of energetic blockages.

This therapeutic retreat is suitable for all body types and levels of yoga practice from beginners to advanced. We are providing a wholesome space for you to ground into yourself, detoxify your body with cleansing foods and release any emotional blockages through movement that may be holding you back so that you can truly honour your body.

I believe that the breath is like a mirror to the mind, every thought can be reflected in the movement of the breath. Through the breath and body awareness techniques I teach, you can gain a deeper understanding of your self, release physical tension, let go of thought patterns based on fears, to allow space for; self-love, compassion, self-respect and internal bliss.

For more information please feel free to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ www.facebook.com/compassionatebreath or www.instagram.com/compassionatebreath

I am also qualified in tantric massage awakenings, giving you the space to welcome pleasure with conscious sensual touch. Tantric massage is a very powerful way to feel embodied through the opening of the heart and sacral chakras.  If this is something that interests you, we can book you in during one of the afternoons for an additional cost

Kate from Compassionate Breath for Embodiment

I have been working with food for 30 years now, initially completing my catering diplomas as a teenager and have continued to follow through in my catering career.

I guess it all began when I turned vegetarian as a teenager and my parents did not know what to feed me, I have been a vegetarian most of my life and plant based for 7 years now with the occasional treat of well soured honey.

In 2003 I developed a serious case of candida in my gut. This was a massive turning point for me to change my diet completely and become healthy.

I opened my own organic cafe in Carmarthen in 2008 called Caffi Iechyd Da. This became my life, it was a real community space and still is. I loved every minute of running my own business despite how much work it entailed.

In 2013 ,I took my health to a higher level when I met my partner Leafe. He introduced me to powerful cleanses and raw alkalising foods. We introduced raw food on the cafe menu and held various workshops. We lived the raw food life fully for 18 months whilst getting ready to conceive.

In 2014 I sold the business in Carmarthen as I wanted to focus on my pregnancy. A year ago, I returned to Caffi Iechyd Da where I have been working one day a week.

Occasionally we do eat cooked food as our daughter likes it, but we passionately eat organic raw food, with the odd month focused on a vegan keto diet.

I am also trained in indian head massage and can offer you a treatment in your spare time. This can be offered with your upper clothes on or with oils entirely your decision .

£10 for 20 mins £20 for 40 mins

I look forward to sharing my creations and food knowledge with you on this beautiful raw food & yoga retreat.

Much love, Tanya  Namaste

Tanya creative cuisine with love

Leafe Inward traveller

I have been working with and teaching metaphysics for over twenty years and have tried many different approaches to know myself, without doubt using sacred geometry in an alchemical ceremony is the simplest way to remove the programs that restrict us.

I am offering a 2/3 hour workshop to share the ceremony of original innocence which permanently re tunes 12 major meridians in the energy field, restoring balance and removing a deep seated program in the human psyche “the program of guilt and shame”

This is a group workshop and will need at least 5 people, there will be a small donation.

Booking contact Tanya    omcreations21@gmail.com


                         Tel   07453811235


£340 to £440

Depending on your accommodation choice

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