Sacred Geometry jewellery, hand made with precision this is functional jewellery enhancing and protecting on many levels, including mobile phones, computers and unbalanced magnetic/electric emanations.

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' Flower of Life'

The pattern of creation.

Communion with the Flower of Life awakens our original blue print and connects us to the source of creation.

Removes fear and has a calming effect on the adrenal glands.

 30 mm Gold Plate £30.00

 30 mm Silver £25.00



Made from nine triangles around a central point between the physical universe and the un-manifest potential.

Four triangles point upwards. representing the Masculine. Five point downwards, representing the Feminine. The Sri Yantra is the dance between Masculine and Feminine.

Flower of Life

Sri Yantra


 10 mm Gold Plate £18.00

Star Tetrahedron

10 mm Silver £15.00

 10 mm Gold Plate in circle £28.00

 10 mm Silver in circle £25.00


The tetrahedron represents the element of Fire creativity and creation, procreation and desire, sexuality. It will strengthen your  energy field.

Protection from magnetic fields, including mobile phones.

 40 mm Gold Plate £50.00

40 mm Sterling Silver£44.00

Tantric Star

Tantric Union

The Tantric Star is two tetrahedrons one pointing up one down representing the male and female potencies coming together and naturally forming a octahedron in the centre. The Tantric star is the shape and frequency of the light body and the link between the manifest and the un-manifest.

Protecting against unbalanced magnetic emanations eg, mobile and cordless phones. With the circle it also protects against electric emanations.

 12 mm Silver £30.00

 12 mm Gold Plate £35.00

 12 mm Gold Plate Circle £50.00

 12 mm Silver Circle £45.00

Heart Star


Love and  Balance

The Heart Star a cube octahedron with stellations, it is the central fractal of the human energy body. In resonance frequency with the heart energy centre cleansing the emotional body.

This form protects against unbalanced electric energies, eg, computers, televisions etc. Add the circle and it also protects against magnetic emanations.

 20 mm Silver £45.00

 20 mm Gold Plate £50.00

 20 mm Silver in Circle £55.00

 20 mm Gold Plate £60.00

 Delivery £3.95

Free over £75

Sizes may vary slightly as this jewellery is hand made


Empowering Rejuvinating

At the centre of the Solar Star is the Solar Sphere, or dodecahedron made of pentagons joining with no beginning or end, no separation reaching in and out infinitely, a journey back to perfection.

It assists the assimilation of prana and activates the immortal  light body fractal known as the Tree of Life.

Solar Star

 20 mm Silver £50.00

 20 mm Gold Plate £55.00

 20 mm Silver Circle £60.00

 20 mm Silver Circle £65.00

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