2. Sacred Marriage Ceremony

The second ceremony reconnects a single circuit that runs from the coccyx the occtiput and

facilitates the metabolism of subtle energy or chi.

The principles of sacred geometry and the growth of form

are further investigated.

The unity of masculine and feminine geometries is presented

as the marriage of form and consciousness spirit and matter,

body and soul, are recognised and affirmed

as different expressions of a holographic unity.

Also for discussion: immortality, human origins, genetic modification.

souls, covenants and the language of light.

3. Sacred Breath Ceremony

The geometries of the third ceremony unite form and consciousness

with the sixth element of stellar radiance.

Heaven and Earth are synthesised and recognised as one and the same.

Seven circuits reawaken knowledge of humanity

as progeny of the Earth, Sun and stars,

floating in the ocean of one eternal breath,

beyond the reach of time.

Every breath is sacred – we are sentient, sovereign, eternal.

4. Source Ceremony

We are born sparks of the divine,

holographic representations of prime source -

sovereign, sentient entities.

There is one above and there are none below.

The five source circuits are concerned with our reconnection,

without mediation or censorship,

to the benevolent source of our creation.

Every breath nurtures our true identity revealing that there is little to fear.

5. Temple of Time

The code, frequencies and geometries of the fifth ceremony

reconnect eight circuits with those of the solar system and planets.

We are holographic focal points in a single unified field -

manifested of, and manifestations within, a greater whole.

In the light of the hypocrisy of our spiritual counsellors,

the fraudulence and treachery of our political leaders

and the collapse of the neo-Darwinian synthesis,

we have learned to trust very little of what we are told.

For discussion:

catastrophism, Earth and the moon,

magnetism and the electric universe,

and digital virtual holographic reality.

Each consciousness is a unique geometry

electro magnetically connected to all others,

each encoding multiple vibrations into 3d reality,

we are transducers of this information matrix.


Each ceremony permanently reconnects a series of electromagnetic circuits into the human bio system.

Reconnection is achieved using a combination of the spoken word

and individually crafted geometric forms.

All circuits are identified during the day

and demonstrated using muscle testing.

Accompanying workshops present for discussion

a comprehensive body of information regarding these times

of personal and planetary transformation.

The Template ceremonies are cumulative

and must be experienced in sequence

Tplate ceremonies Tplate ceremonies Tplate ceremonies Tplate ceremonies

Elemental geometry connecting 12 major circuits of electro-magnetic life force.

C2 geometry bringing spirit into form, connecting the 13th circuit and activating the 12 circuits repaired in C1

14 Beautiful stars working within the pranic mechanism, repairing 7 circuits and restoring the original breath

The flower of life containing all geometry repairing 5 circuits and connecting us directly to source

8 planetary geometry's repairing 8 circuits, harmonising with the solar system

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Reconnecting people to the elemental heart of creation

          1.Ceremony of Original Innocence

                                This foundation ceremony reconnects 12 circuits

                                         each of which is associated with one of the five classical

                            elements earth, air, fire, water and ether.

                                               A core premise of the first ceremony is forgiveness.

                                         forgiveness is the fundamental forward movement

                                             towards the integration of light and shadow within.

                                          To see all things as equal is the transforming element

                                       to be used by you, the alchemists in a coming age of balance -

                                every interaction becomes a mirror reality,

                                                  for it is the watery element of reflection that breaks the spell of blame.

The day's workshop identifies and explains the 12 circuits,

includes an introduction to some of the principles of sacred geometry

and an introduction to muscle-testing.

Also presented for discussion: response-ability & denial, fear of separation, fear of

death, the distribution of power in relationships, mortality and immortality, love, light

and liberation.

Sacred Geometry, Sonic Codes, Alchemical Ceremony  

awakening your light body matrix.